"One of the highlights was sitting in the den and just talking about our family histories, learning more about this awesome property. and just soaking in the culture of Charleston."   -- JD Sumner, Georgia

22 Charlotte in Charleston, SC

All Our Rooms Are Lovely. We'll Choose One For You, Based On Availability!

"Do not miss the opportunity to stay in this very lovely home, to learn about the City's fascinating history, and to settle down in front of one of the many fireplaces or two open porches. You've will have made the right choice!"  -- Anna Louise

"This location is Amazng! We were able to park our car on Friday and not touch it again until Sunday! I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone! "‚Äč  -- Karin Kassab

"My wife and I were impressed

 with the cleanliness and charm of our room."   

- Dr. Fred Krellenstein, New York